Getting a home or office space spiced up to really pop and provide lots of color can be a game changer for where you live and work. You may simply be coexisting with beige colors that scream mediocre or pale whites that make you think you’re in a hospital. At Adirondack Painting, we would love to be the antidote to this lackluster environment. With our experienced insights and our expert technique, it gives us great pleasure to be able to wow you every single day. In fact, there are likely many areas that you haven’t even considered when it comes to all what can do for your home’s design. For your convenience, here’s a list of everything we’ve got in our tool belts:

Exterior Painting Features

House Walls

You know that house on that block…the one that just sticks out for all the worst reasons. The mixture of house design with terrible painting insight really just gives a sensational amount of distaste. And if you don’t have that house on your block, you may actually be that house!

Don’t worry, you probably aren’t. But maybe you’ve got a new child in the family or you recently moved in and want to redesign the place. That’s why we’re here, to make sure that you get to actually enjoy living in your home instead of just tolerating it.

Front or Back Porch

Everything else may be perfect about your home and all the decor could be in its perfect place. Especially inside the house…when you have guests that walk in, they often exclaim a proud and excited, “WOW!”

The only problem is that the front porch may have been worn down by weather or just isn’t a fabulous experience. And then consider as well that your back porch could just be a nightmare and you don’t take anyone there. We totally understand the situation and we’ve solve this issue with many people in the past.

Soffit Features

It’s a detailed element of the home, but if you pay attention to it, you could really make it something that pops for your home. You could settle for whatever design or paint job was left for you when you moved in to the place. OR, you could really let people know that you care about every single detail of your place. That every nook, cranny and corner is hand-picked by you. No need to be lazy about the details! You’re someone that really looks to make your place shine!

At Adirondack Painting, we’ll take the intentional detail to make sure that your work is done on a spotless and precise level.

Interior Painting Features

Ceiling Textures and Painting

You know that popcorn that exists on people’s homes? Does that not look like the weirdest stuff ever? Especially when someone accidentally hits it and some of the dust falls on your floor?

Or maybe, when you look up at the design and color choices of your ceiling, you aren’t necessarily wowed by it. You’ve come to just simply accept what it looks like and move on. Why are you settling for anything shorter than amazing!?

For any of the ceiling design needs and touch ups you desire to have with your home, it’s time to work with our super helpful team at Adirondack Painting.

Doors & Jams

Whenever you approach a new home or an office space, one of the things that definitely sticks out as a first impression is the door. You’ve got to go through it to enter the home or office. So why not make it something that’s memorable? Whether it’s a memorable color or painting style, it can really be one of those things that your guests, family members or your dog can appreciate.

Interior Walls

You’ve got a new daughter or son that’s ready to get moved into the home from the hospital. Their first few years will be super important to their development. So why not focus in on every detail that they have with building a great place to live and thrive in? You’ve seen it plenty of times on tv shows too!

Painting the room your child stays in or really, anywhere you live and exist is really an important part of the new home process. You’ll be able to find out from the dozens of reviews we have at Adirondack Painting that our ability to wow people is consistent.

Crown Molding & Baseboards

As in the same illustrations made for soffit features on the exterior of your home, crown molding and baseboards make a great different as well. Getting a great painted design for these features can many times, give the room an extra edge. An extra statement that says you really want your place to go above and beyond your expectations.

Who Do We Work With?

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